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United in purpose, diverse in skills, creating excellence together.

Masao J. S. Chien

Founder & Chairman

Percy J. Chien

Executive Chairman

Steve C. Chien


Gary T. Lin

Vice President, Sales & Production

Vincent Y. Yu

Vice President, R&D, Quality Assurance & Procurements
Affiliates & Partners

Affiliates & Partners

Britt Jackson

Chief Executive Officer Santa Monica Electric Vehicles, Inc.
Torrance, California, USA

Bernd Adamski

Chief Executive Officer eFlow Europe GmbH
Nürnberg, Germany

Norbert Haller

Managing Director, ID Berlin Chief Design Officer, eFlow Europe
Berlin, Germany

S.F. Yang

General Manager Wettsen Corporation
Longkou, Shandong, China

Michael C. W. Li

Vice President, Electronic Control Division Wettsen Corporation
Lonkou, Shandong, China


Forging a legacy of innovation, growth, and enduring success since 1977


When Masao Chien founded Fairly Bike in 1977, he was already a second generation bike builder.  As it grew, Fairly became one of the anchors of the nascent Taiwanese bike industry and remains a key player to this day.

From its inception, Fairly has believed that to build bikes properly, you have to ride bikes.  Over the years that ethos has persevered with the team still using their products for everything from basic transportation to high-end road racing like the Tour of Taiwan.

Consistency has also been our watchword with many key employees now celebrating more than 40 years on Team Fairly giving not only stability for long term clients but also a wealth of experience for new projects. 

At the same time, a constant influx of new, talented team members has always kept the company at the technological forefront of industry.


In 1997, when Lee Iacocca wanted to move into the brand new category of electric bikes, he partnered with Fairly to build the EV Global line of products launching the next chapter in Fairly’s growth.

A third generation of Chiens, brothers Percy and Steve, stepped up to both maintain the traditional business of high-quality pedal bikes, but also established the expanded manufacturing capabilities necessary to move into new vehicle categories.

That was the start of a road leading to an almost even mix of pedal and electric bikes produced by Fairly today.


As new technologies entered the industry, Team Fairly has always worked to acquire the new skills, facilities and partnerships necessary to stay on the cutting edge. 

  • Carbon fiber frames
  • Full Suspension
  • Electric Drives
  • Lithium batteries
  • IoT communication

Team Fairly has mastered them all allowing for a ONE STOP SOLUTION giving clients as much, or as little, assistance as they need to achieve their goals.

In Taipei, Fairly has built 3 factories staffed with a complete team of designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, production managers and supply chain specialists.

Additionally, over the past two decades we have added a worldwide team of affiliates and long-term partners in China, Europe and North America to make sure that Team Fairly can meet all your needs.


From its inception, Fairly has been committed to meeting the highest international standards for production quality, regulatory compliance and environmental sensitivity.

In addition to achieving ISO 9001: 2015 certification, we have the Taiwanese Certificate of Talent Quality-Management.

We have years of vehicle certification experience including meetings standards like EN 15194, L1EB, ISO4210, UL 2849 and 2271 amongst others.

The very nature of our products speaks to our concern for clean transportation alternatives but we are equally committed to the cleanest possible manufacturing process as demonstrated in our work on standards like B Corp.