Build: What was Fairly Bike? (1977 – 2001)

From its inception until 2001, Fairly Bike had been building conventional bicycles for OEM clients who have become world famous in the global marketplace.

However, in these 34 years, Fairly Bike staff concentrated mostly on how to build better bicycles with improving efficiency constantly in mind. Better competitive advantage and higher employee contribution to sales made Fairly Bike stand out in this industry.

Ride: Transformation (2002 – Present)

As the world entered into the 21st century, health consciousness became a major topic in Taiwan. News about cycling, news about health, and the exposure of Fairly Bike staff to the cycling cultures of the west imbued in the company a feeling of excitement toward cycling and galvanized participation in cycling events across the globe.

A few staff members started cycling regularly to work. With time, others joined, and as a group, they accomplished a Tour de Taiwan, enjoying the beautiful terrain and blue sea of Taiwan’s southernmost tip, as well as the dramatic landscapes and fresh air of the eastern coast – all from the saddle.

Since then, more and more members took up cycling. For many of us, cycling became either a personal challenge or a casual escape. This defines the new era of Fairly Bike, where we immerse ourselves in the world we help create, and extrapolate personal experiences to create the best equipment possible.

Race: Passion (Present)

The more one rides, the better one gets. Many of our passionate cycling members at Fairly Bike dare to compete, the purpose of which is to set personal goals to achieve. Unsurprisingly, many have accomplished more than they could have ever imagined, a statement that can also be extended to Fairly Bike itself. However, reiterating a point made prior, these experiences not only serve as valuable personal experience but also as a source of knowledge and understanding, as these members gained a better comprehension of the technicality surrounding bicycles and the wants and needs of the market. Hence, racing has become invaluable to both Fairly Bike and Fairly Bike customers.

The builds continue, the rides expand, and the races advance.
These three have become the corporate anthem here at Fairly Bike. Whether it is an intense, 200 km race, or a casual weekend ride with family and friends, we encourage them all.